New: Pilates Den Haag by Wandelbar Gymnastic

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Pilates Den Haag strengthens and stretches muscle groups, prevents injuries, and let’s you also recover much faster from an injury or physical strain.

What is the Pilates method?

Pilates is more than a very effective method to train your muscles and become more agile. The philosophy of Joseph Pilates stands for a workout of both body and mind. You not only train your muscles but you enhance your entire posture, both physically and mentally. Pilates requires a certain amount of body awareness that results in the improvement of the quality of your movements and your mind.

Your main muscles are responsible for your core-stability. First of all, you have torso muscles, then your abdominal muscles and finally your pelvic muscles. These muscle groups can only be trained properly by first straining your lower abdomen prior to each exercise. This breathing technique improves the oxygen uptake of your cells and therefore your stamina. This allows you to endure the combination of exercises longer, your coordination improves and your body comes into a ‘ flow ‘.

Who is Pilates Den Haag for?

Image who is Pilates Den Haag for
Who is Pilates Den Haag for?

Pilates method by Wandelbar Gymnastic is suitable for anyone who wants to do something good for themselves and his or her body. The training is not focused on performance but contributes to a body and mind that are more balanced.
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Level: Pilates Beginners. The  Pilates lessons will be given in English, German and Dutch.

Location Pilates Den Haag: Houtrust Squash

For the Pilates classes, the squash center Houtrust is chosen, as the facilities and atmosphere fit Wandelbar Gymnastic well. In addition to an aerobic area  the center has a Finnish sauna and a Turkish steam bath which you are free to use after the Pilates lesson. Parking is free.


Pilates Den Haag Locatie en Routebeschrijving
Houtrust Squash
Laan van Poot 18
2566 EC


Wednesday evenings


19:00-20:00 hours


Person/Lesson: 13 Euro
10 Lessons Card: 120 Euro
Test Lesson: 7,50 Euro

For more information or to sign up WhatsApp or call Nadine: + 31 6 12 32 65 97