Personal Pilates Training

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Personal training always helps to stay in motion and especially when motivation is not the only obstacle. Usually lack-of-time is your biggest obstacle to regularly visit a course.
Although Personal Training cannot save you money, it does reduce your schedule stress.

Use a personal training from Wandelbargymnastic to do something for yourself and reflect on your personal development.

What is Personal Pilates Training by Wandelbar Gymnastic?

Personal Pilates Training takes 30 or 60 minutes and is characterized by a personal approach based on Stott Pilates.

The training is fully designed around your personal requirements and wishes. You train your pelvic floor, define your muscles and gain stability, strength and flexibility.

What are the advantages of Personal Pilates Training Scheveningen?

  • You are flexible
  • You get a home program
  • You do not have to become a member
  • Your baby / child can be with you
  • You become fit
  • You have fun

Pay attention!

In order to be able to cope well with your wishes, it is important to let me know your current health situation beforehand. As a result, I know if there are possible health risks and it allows me to make a personal program.

Location: where it suits you best

The Personal Pilates Training takes place where it suits you best; At your home, in the Park (Westbroekpark) on the beach (The Shore) or in the Gym (Houtrust).


Nadine gives the training in Dutch, German and English from April 2018 till now


Person / lesson: 40 Euro
10 lessons card: 350 Euro

For information or sign up call or WhatsApp Nadine: + 31 6 12 32 65 97.