About Nadine Seydler

Who is Nadine Seydler?

Nadine Seydler is my name. I am a Kenyan-German qualified gymnastics teacher with a holistic perspective, mother of a son, the personal trainer of my boyfriend 😉 and living in Den Haag.

In 2012, I graduated after studying 3 years full-time at the Dore Jacobs College in Essen, Germany, to become a teacher in holistic gymnastics. Additionally, I learned the Pilates method and gave Pilates classes in sports clubs and orthopedic rehabilitation Centers. The emphasis was on preventing injuries.

To better understand the Pilates method I followed workshops at Polestar Pilates in Cologne, Germany. After that I worked as a fitness trainer in a sports centers, gave relaxation exercises and yoga. I also acquired the certificates to treat lower back-pain, give clasess in Nordic walking and aqua fitness.

I have come to the Netherlands to build a life with my friend. Since 2015 we are very grateful with our healthy son.  And now I love to continue giving my own lessons in the Netherlands. Hence I started Wandelbar gymnastic.

Why Wandelbar?

Wandelbar is a German word and means: change or variation.
That is the perfect definition of my work. For everyone, the exercises can be adapted so that you are able to do them in your own way and within your own abilities.

Without me being aware of it, moving was and is the motor of my life!
Moving makes me happy and keeps me healthy. Just taking a walk is already useful… . A healthy life can be so simple!

Being aware of the fact that you can move freely at any time without hindrance and pain, increases the quality of life and is invaluable. Sometimes you notice that you can’t move as well as you used to.
Then it is important to recognize the signals that your body gives and to attach new behavior to it. Each signal has a meaning.


I use different techniques in my lessons to balance the body with the brain. Every stage in life needs a different approach.

The holistic approach is important to me because it means to me:

  • There is no competitive goal
  • You have fun
  • It does not hurt
  • You can sustain doing it your whole life

With the help of the holistic method of Wandelbar gymnastic, you establish a lasting balance between the body and the brain.

In addition, Wandelbar Gymnastic values group interaction. Moving in a group, provided it’s your own choice, has the following scientifically proven benefits:

  • You will learn to know others but also yourself better
  • You develop confidence in others, but also yourself
  • It increases your well-being (rises by 25%)
  • It reduces stress (decreases by 26%)

If you open up the holistic method of re-balancing body and mind and you value group interaction, Wandelbar Gymnastic is the right way to avoid physical- or mental problems.

Thank you for having read my site and I hope to meet you in my lessons.

Nadine Seydler